Visual Communication

About the training:

We all are photographers, yet not all of us are aware of it. Let’s change that and use photography as a tool to stimulate your team’s creativity. We believe that Photography is simply learning to write with light and it’s a great tool to deploy while teaching the desirable soft skills your organization needs. The training is highly interactive with participants involved in practicing the methods through actual work scenarios.


You will learn:

  • everything about cameras and phone photography
  • what are your options, from software to processing and editing
  • how to write with light
  • the rules of composition
  • photography techniques (ISO, white balance, exposure speed, aperture)
  • storytelling rules
  • how to play with light and presence
  • how to not fall in love with your pictures and select the best ones

You will improve your skills in:

  • photography
  • visual composition
  • storytelling
  • playfulness
  • creativity
  • visual communication

Become: A Visual Wizard

Remember, photography is often a one shot deal. What are you waiting for?


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