About Us

There is a famous quote that made Hercule Poirot even more famous than he already was, a quote that inspires us and motivates us in helping companies implement training solutions crafted on their personality and vision.


“It is the brain, the little grey cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within–not without.”


Greycells takes root in this quote and relies on focusing on every aspect, every connection and interaction from within a company for delivering tailor-made training solutions. We offer this by regarding the employees as the essential grey cells that make the brain (in this case the company) function properly, but in order for them to do that they must be first and then continuously properly trained.


So how do we achieve this?

We are thinkers, believers and doers. We don’t rely on grandiose promises like reinventing the training concept neither do we apply the same theoretical notions for every client. Instead, we establish a personal relation with each of our client, we discover their unique voice and needs and adapt our solutions and expertise for each of them.

We take pride in our team members who come from diverse backgrounds and understand the importance of adapting and empathizing with individuals and companies alike. We also rely on our 10 years of working for clients from different domains and we are eagerly looking forward to adapting to the ones ahead.


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