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About the training:

The ability to help a colleague, a client or a friend relies both on fact-based knowledge as well as on the ability to correctly diagnose the situation and provide a path to finding the ideal solution. However, most of the time we provide a solution we carelessly qualify as being fit without continuing the journey on the path of diagnosis, solution finding and implementation. That’s why we need to develop Process Consultation skills and to work on our communication skills. This workshop will take participants through the most frequent traps in communication and their solutions:

  • Misperception
  • Inappropriate emotional response
  • Analysis based on incorrect data
  • Intervention based on incorrect data


You will learn:

  • to differentiate between various types of conversations
  • to learn when and how to access your own ignorance
  • how to choose between questions and assertions


You will improve your skills in:

  • communication
  • diagnosis
  • implementing ideas
  • analysis and decision making
  • offering advice
  • helping and guiding


Become: A Communication Wizard


Course duration: 2 days
Maximum number of participants: 12


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