Non Violent Communication

About the training:

What is factual communication? How can we create a better workplace and better humans that go beyond their biased view? Stemming from Marshal Rosenberg’s NVC method, this course provides you with the tools to observe facts and not their interpretation. The training is highly interactive with participants involved in practicing the methods with actual work scenarios.


You will learn:

  • the four steps of each communication
  • to see beyond interpretations and your background
  • to understand your immediate feelings and reactions
  • how to act based on what you need
  • how to ask what you need


You will become better at:

  • communicating
  • listening
  • socializing
  • understanding people
  • being assertive

Become: Conversational Sage


“Your Story” might not always need words. Let’s learn how to observe, respond and understand our non-verbal communication, avoiding the accumulation of violence.


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