Cultural Immersion

About the training:

Nowadays we are all involved, in various degrees, in the global culture. That brings up the question of what a culture really is, especially how my culture is different from yours. Constructed as windows to the worlds of culture, this course opens us up towards what we have in common as well as what we do not. The training is highly interactive, with participants involved in practicing the methods with actual work scenarios.

You will learn:

  • what culture really is
  • to express yourself
  • cross-cultural communication styles
  • the difference between ethnocentrism and cultural relativism
  • the structure of culture at work
  • how to identify and understand cross-cultural gestures

You will become better at:

  • communicating
  • reading people
  • understanding people
  • socializing
  • identifying, improving and creating cultures

Become: A World Traveler Sage


Let’s play the game of looking through the windows of different cultures and becoming better citizens of the world. Are you in?


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